Professional Subtitle Services for the financial industry / forex, for promocional videos TV movies, short films, webinar series, streaming video channels, video on demand, commercial for TV, expo events and more. Subtitles in English and Spanish. Subtitling services dedicated to the Forex Markets for companies or for private sector. Verbatim | Non-Verbatim | SDH


Taking your website to the top of Google Search is not easy. A good SEO On Page on our website will help us to rank up on Google position for the keywords that are of interest to us, apart from being an opportunity that we can improve the overall performance of our website, which will positively influence your conversions, and make your site attractive.


Normally we work for very technical clients who absolutely needs to guarantee the correct terminology in the translation services they hire with no sacrificing of quality. This happen with very strict clients who always need translation services for financial industry or needing a professional help hand. This is where we are the solution you need.


In my daily work some clients ask me what is exactly lead generation and what are the main channels that are used to get prospects interested in a particular product or service. In the financial industry field we have a huge number of media for the generation of leads, connected to the internet. All you need is the right person doing the right thing for your firm.


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Bitcoin, which is it future? The virtual currency revolutionising the market. Bitcoin, since the first time it appeared this currency has generated doubts about its fast expansion and due to the […]

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How To Learn Support Resistance

In this article we will look at exactly how to place support resistance lines on your chart. Placing good support and resistance lines allows you to see where the price […]

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If Trading The Market- Leave Your Ego At The Door

The first thing to do when trading the market is leave your ego at the door. Beginning traders almost without exception come into the Forex market with unrealistic expectations. Whether that relates […]

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Forex Robots – Beat the Market or it Will Eat YOU!

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Venezuelan Oil Industry

Venezuelan Oil, an industry in deep crisis with no signs of improvement Venezuelan oil production In April 2018, fell by 0.46 million barrels per day (mbd) to 2.194 mbd, which is a […]

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Ico Meaning | what is an ICO

ICO Meaning, Pros and Cons What is an ICO? ICO is an acronym that means Initial Coin Offering, that is to say, initial offer of currencies. This acronym ICO is […]

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10 tips you need to know to be compliant to the new GDPR Regulation

If you have data about your customers, employees or suppliers then read this article because a new GDPR Regulation law means that you could be at risk at getting fined 20 million euros!!! GDPR […]

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