oil price bloomberg

Oil Price Bloomberg

What do you think in real facts, that really affect the trade spat on Oil Demand? According to Michele Della Vigna in an interview, where the were talking about Oil Price Bloomberg daily interviews. Michele said that he thinks all comes to GDP activity and that at the end of the day if GDP reminds […]

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Exchange Rate – All About Them

Exchange rate is the link between the price of a given currency against another, which mean, the Exchange rate will tells us how many currencies of one determined currency are going to be needed to buy one single unit of the other currency. For example, to buy one Euro we need to pay 1.14 dollars. […]


EFTPS – Electronic Federal Tax Payment System

EFTPS can be your friend or your enemy! Hi everyone and welcome to my website the CEO of Forex-Giants for virtual business information. Today we will be completing the enrollment to the EFTPS, if you liked the article give it a comment down below. If you do not like please still leave a comment down below about what didn’t […]