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Here our Privacy Policy to estate that Forex-Giants does not provide, or use for commercial purposes, the users information provided by the page Users and its sub-pages.

In the case of your personal data, collected in the process of completing the registration form, these data can be used only to send e-mail with the message received in the forum or message closely related to the subject of the page in the event that you wish to receive according to the law that you have given your consent. These data are processed in accordance with GDPR regulations on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union.

The website “Forex-Giants” uses the “cookies” technique. A cookie (also called a “cookie”) is a small file with information stored by the server in the user’s computer. This information can be read by the server during a connection to Forex-Giants´s website from this computer. for the purposes of our Privacy Policy, The use of “cookie” techniques does not allow the downloading of personal data and user’s addresses or confidential information from your computer. The “cookie” technique only allows you to specify the profile of the information that interests you. When the browser window is closed, the cookie file is automatically deleted from the user’s computer.

The user can decide for himself how the cookies are stored on his computer aspart of our Privacy Policy. In order to do this, change the settings / preferences in the web browser you are currently using. The default settings of popular browsers generally allow you to save cookies. Please consider our Privacy Policy where we inform our users that by using this website, you accept the use of cookies according to the configuration of your browser.

The data obtained in the analysis of the server logs (IP address, domain) are only used for statistics to the site of display and administration of the server. They can also be made available to call the appropriate services in connection with the ongoing legal proceedings.

The Privacy Policy of linked external websites on Forex-Giants´s website is governed by separate provisions.

If you have additional questions about our Privacy Policy, please contact the administrator of the website: [email protected]