Coinmarketcap Review

Are you a person who likes to invests in crypto coins? If yes, then you should use the coinmarketcap page to:
– Analyze the market and check how prices are evolving.
– How much the volume moves in the market.
– How many cryptocurrencies are going up or down?
– It charts since they started etcetera.

Intrigued about coinmarketcap?

In this article, I will show you how to use this excellent tool Coinmarketcap. With the market cap to get information from the virtual coins and bitcoin.

To enter coinmarketcap page below you will find the link you will use to visit the site. I’m going to leave the link so you can easily access the information we can see on this page.

We will find relevant information regarding the cryptocurrency market. But I will share with you relevant information which could interest you, for you to know about this market.

When entering the website, you will find a section where you can see how many cryptocurrencies are in the market currently.


In the website you can see, right now there are 1845 cryptocurrencies in the market. We have a remarkable fact that is the total capitalization in the market. In the Market Cap section. We can also see the volume in the last 24 hours of the entire market. And as you can see, currently it is more than 209 billion dollars. Also, there you can see the total percentage. Bitcoin is the one which dominates the market which is presently 53.4 percent.

These data shown on coinmarketcap is going to be changing as the market moves.

Just when visiting the website, we have a list of the cryptocurrencies which represent the first one hundred cryptocurrencies with the higher capitalization in the market.
We can observe in this crypto list section, the name of each cryptocurrency together with the total of capitalization in the market. We can see the price of each cryptocurrency in dollars. Although you can even change it into another currency, merely select another from the list. For example, you can choose euros, and the prices and other data will switch to the currency you chose.

But you can leave in dollars if you prefer.

We will have an indicator of the total in circulation amount of each cryptocurrency.
There is a section where we have the total volume of the last 24 hours.
There is also the percentage of change of each cryptocurrency if it goes up if it goes down.

As you can see the ones in green are the ones who are going up in price and those in red logically it’s because they are going down.


There is a small chart to have a quick picture of the price action. The chart represents the last seven days of each perfect coin kit like we can see.
First of all is the bitcoin, since all cryptocurrency are ordered according to the total capitalization in the market and the best of all, apparently the cryptocurrency that has more capital in the market is bitcoin.

Then we have Ethereum, and in third place, we have XRP or Ripple, in fourth place Litecoin and so on.

So in this first page of coinmarketcap, we have the first 100 cryptocurrencies or the top 100 best cryptocurrencies.

If you want to see the full market, directly go in the section where it says view, and in this section, you can find all the existing cryptocurrencies. Also ordered according to the total capitalization in the market, from the most capitalized to the one with less capital.

Coinmarketcap Some additional information is the last change in percentages in the previous seven days and the last perfect hour. If you want to look for any particular cryptocurrency here, let’s say Dogecoin, you can search it on the search tab, once you start typing, you will see the option available, then you click on it, and that is all.

For example, if we want to look for a dogecoin with we have to type dogecoin and selected then for any other cryptocurrency, we have to do the same.

For example, there we can find relevant information according to the cryptcoin dogecoin, we can see also find its current price in Dollars, the percentage of change, the cost in bitcoin and we have even information about the market capitalization in dollars and also in bitcoin.

You can also check the changes in the price of the last 24 hours, and also we have the data in bitcoin, and it is indicating the total in circulation.

Well if you see below, there is a chart, in which we can analyze the price action of dogecoin. In dollars, bitcoin and capitalization in the market. If you merely notice below the colored lines in blue which is the market capitalization, the green line which is the price in dollars and the yellow line which is the price in bitcoin.

This a very well developed chart in coinmarketcap

As we can see:

if we hover over in the chart, we can see the data I just mentioned.

You can analyze the chart on one day, seven days, one month, three months, even to a year. Or you can select and see in the chart everything since you started today in the market, how it has evolved the price in dollars, in bitcoin and so on. And after analyzing coinmarketcap, if you are interested in investing in this currency, dogecoin and you do not know where you can buy the cryptocurrency. You just click over the section which says Exchanges and there you will find the market of all coins.

As you can see there, we have the exchanges or brokers where you
You can buy dogecoins, and also you find the pair of dogecoins with the volume of the last 24 hours of each exchange which has been traded with this pair for example:

In coinmarketcap the exchange Okex with the couple BCD/BTC, its actual volume is $552,636,885, and as can you see there. Also, You can check the price.

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