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EFTPS can be your friend or your enemy!

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Without further ado let’s jump into the EFTPS action.


So after you have received the letter from the EFTPS where you’re gonna have your pin number. Let’s go ahead and go to the EFTPS.com website and then we’re gonna click on enroll.

We’re gonna accept the terms and we’re gonna enroll as a business. there we’re just gonna input the employer identification number, a business name, a US phone number or in it, or an international business phone contact information.

Then in the financial information you’re gonna put your bank details, your routing, your account number. Whenever you are done putting all this information, we’re just gonna review all the information that we have entered, so here we’re gonna reveal all the information that we have entered after you have reviewed.

All the information. Just sign, enter your employer identification number and click on I accept the authorization agreement above. Hit complete his congratulations, within 7 days you were receiving the mail your pin and the instructions on how to create an EFTPS account.

There you will see your enrollment number, you’re gonna need it afterwards, after that just print and save everything for when you get this information on the mail.

Whenever you have received a letter from the EFTPS containing your PIN number. Just go to the EFTPS website, and we’re gonna click login, we’re just gonna input the eight number that we received the day that we apply for it.

We’re gonna put the pin number which it’s in the letter you received and you’re gonna click in the need a password then it’s gonna ask us again or our own number, we’re gonna
provide it, we’re gonna enter the pin number again and right there you’re gonna enter either your banking information or the enrollment number that you got in the letter.

So in this case we’re just gonna enter the enrollment number which is in this section.

So we’re gonna click there and the last eight digits. After you’re done just click Next.

So right here we’re gonna set our password just make sure to read all the requirements for the password that you are set up. So next I can log in and we’re gonna enter the EIN number, the pin and the password that you already have created and click login.

Once you are inside you see here: hello Forex-Giants.

Then waking up quick and payments this is only a nurse’s eyes to check their bank information was properly set up and there you can see the bank information shows up everything.

Well went through, so we’re just gonna go ahead and clear the form because this was just an exercise just to make sure that back information showed and this is it.

I hope you found this article interesting and educative.

For questions you can post them down below and I will respond them to the best of my knowledge.

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