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EFTPS can be your friend or your enemy!

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Without further ado let’s jump into the EFTPS action.


So after you have received the letter from the EFTPS where you’re going to have your PIN, let’s go ahead and go to the EFTPS.com website and then we’re going to click on enroll.

We’re going to accept the terms and enroll as a business. There, we’re just going to input the employer identification number, a business name, a US phone number or in it, or an international business phone contact information.

Then in the financial information, you’re going to put your bank details, your routing, your account number. Whenever you are done placing all this information, we’re just going to review all the information that we have entered, so here we’re going to reveal all the information we have added after you have checked it.

All the needed information. Just sign, enter your employer identification number and click on I accept the authorization agreement above. Hit complete his congratulations, within seven days you were receiving the mail your pin and the instructions on how to create an EFTPS account.

There you will see your enrollment number; you’re going to need it afterward, after that just print and save everything for when you get this information on the mail.

Whenever you have received a letter from the EFTPS containing your PIN. Just go to the EFTPS website, and we’re going to click login, we’re just going to input the eight number that we received the day that we apply for it.

We’re going to put the PIN, which it’s in the letter you received, and you’re going to click in need a password. Then it will ask us again our number. We’re going to provide it, enter the PIN again and right there you’re going to introduce either your banking information or the enrollment number that you got in the letter.

So, in this case, we’re just enter the enrollment number which is in this section.

So we’re will click there and the last eight digits. After you’re done click Next.

So, right here, we’re going to set our password make sure to read all the requirements for the password that you are set up. So next I can log in, and we’re will enter the EIN, the PIN and the password you have created and click login.

Once you are logged in, you see here: hello Forex-Giants.

Then waking up quick and payments this is only a nurse’s eyes to check their bank information was adequately set up and there you can see the bank information shows up everything.

Well went through, so we’re just going to go ahead and clear the form because this was just an exercise to make sure that following information showed and this is it.

I hope you found this article interesting and educative.

For questions, you can post them down below, and I will respond them to the best of my knowledge.

Make sure to check out my next article which is part of a step by step series and how to set up your trading strategy.

In this update we will answer the most common questions about the EFTPS

How the eftps login works?

You will be asked for the EIN (for Business) or the SSN (for Individual). A security PIN and the password. Which mean you should already be registered.

What is a eftps batch provider?

This can be a software to integrated to your Operating system. By this means, you can do thing faster and from home. Also, accountants find this software very handy. If you are having problem running the EFTPS Batch provider on windows, here are some ways for fixing it:

  • Press Windows key + C
  • Click on Search
  • Type BPApplication
  • Right click on BPApplication and click on Open file location
  • You will get a new Window, right click on BPApplication and select Properties
  • Click on Compatibility
  • Click on Run Compatibility troubleshooter
  • Click on Try Recommended settings
  • Click on Test the Program
  • Click on Yes, save these settings for this program
  • Click Close and Ok

What is a EFTPS worksheet?

  • This form belong to a wide variety of worksheets. which make easier the tax payments and control. Among others, here is a list of the main EFTPS worksheets:
  • eftps worksheet
  • eftps direct worksheet short
  • eftps worksheet short form
  • eftps payment worksheet
  • eftp direct payment worksheet
  • ftps short form

Can we do the eftps pay by phone?

Yes, in fact they make really clear that you should pay even if the website is down. Here you can find the phone number you can us to make the payment: 1.800.555.3453.

About the eftps letter

We must be alert about those scammers sending out fake latter to make us do payments on fake EFTPS accounts. The EFTPS letters will always come with the right information and you can call the department to check if they really sent it.

Eftps lost pin, what to do about it?

Yes, you can reset the password straight on the EFTPS website, but you can’t reset your determined PIN. Panic!

Now you became the victim of your disorganization and your PIN is lost, here’s what to do:

First, keep your calculations close at hand before the call — Total payroll, tax deposit amount, Social Security amounts, Medicare numbers, and federal income tax numbers separately.

Remember the Federal Identification number, and the routing number, oh the account number too. For your checking account, together with the month and quarter to which the payroll tax deposit will be going to.
Call the 1-800-555-4477. You better stay on the line hoping to speak to a representative.

Be ready to answer questions to verify your identity.

Give the representative the amounts of your actual payroll tax deposit.
Write down the confirmation number, so you keep them on record.
Then you should request another copy of your PIN. So learn and keep your PIN safe. But if you do lose it, do the call to the EFTPS again LOL.

Eftps payment due dates:

It is critical that you keep these dates handy, so you know exactly when is the due date: Please visit this website.

There you will find month by month the 2018 payments dates, and for sure they will update for 2019 too.

Eftps business phone worksheet

This form is fully available on the EFTPS website. When using these types of forms, avoid downloading them from other sites. Do it only thru the official website

Eftps scams

Yes, you read it right. Even for this robust system, scammers had found a way to steal people´s money. But you will be safe if you only rely on the official website or offices. And in the presence of doubt, pick up the phone and call the official number before attempting any payment.

Eftps online

Here are my last recommendations for payments.

  • First, don’t wait for the last moment.
  • Trust nobody but the legal representatives.
  • keep all data safe and keep notes of them in different places.
  • Do the right thing and be transparent.
  • comment below if you need further assistance.

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