Forex-giants, Seo and Content Translation for the Financial Industry.

Translation and web content localization

forex-giants team translate content of websites applying the most effective SEO strategy. In order to get your website on the top rank and excellent search results in different search engines. For such, correct keywords research and the content writing for each one section of the website which plays a decisive role in any website positioning.

Forex-giants – Images optimization

During the translation process and ranking of a website. It becomes a necessary to translate the text of every image, text boxes and buttons. To achieve it you need a real professional SEO expert in editing and image optimization.

Here the pillars on which forex-giants work on:

  • Adaptability to the needs of the client: format, style rules, delivery time, most recent tools, etc.
Beginner Traders

Forex-giants services

Audiovisual translation in forex-giants:

Dubbing and voice-over

Translation of HTML files

Translation for  voice-over  or overlapping voices


Creation and adaptation of subtitles

Translation of subtitles

Screening ( spotting ) of subtitles

Subtitle inlay

Subtitle review in Spanish

Translation and optimization of web content:

By performing an audit to your website we take necessary information to know the necessary optimization.

Based on the clients expectation we can translate in any language the client need.

Legal translation in forex-giants

We are legal translators and interpreters English-Spanish

Send us your scanned documents and you will receive a free quote  without commitment, along with an informative guide  on the procedures that accompany a legal translation.

What documents may need a sworn translation?

Birth certificates, marriage certificates, certificates of criminal records, university degrees, diplomas, academic certificates, contracts, wills, certificates of last will acts, powers of attorney, medical reports, residence permits, etc.

Proofreading made by forex-giants

We contrast translations with their original documents and clean them out of any possible contradiction, misspelling, omission, tracing, among others.

Any text which pretends to be correct and give a professional image should first pass through the hands of a proofreader. Our specific training in ortho typographical correction (proofreading) supports us as a professional of the Spanish language, as well as its grammar, spelling and ortho typography. We scrutinize the texts in search of errata, misspellings and grammatical errors, and we unify the ortho typographic and editing conventions.

If you also want your texts to stand out for their clarity and good writing, you can submit them to a previous style correction. Both our translation studies and our specific training in style correction enable us to deliver texts with freshness and ease of reading.

Forex-giants correct both on paper and on screen.

 Please contact us for a free quote or for more information about the service.

General / non-financial related forex-giants translation:

The concept of general translation refers to the translation of no financial content which involves no technical or complex terms.

Any text must translate according to the final recipient. These texts are aimed to a no specialized reader, a clear and natural language away from hard terms.

Although they are non-complex texts, the process of documentation and cultural adaptation remains the same as in the specialized text.

Examples of types of text we translate: journalistic texts, advertising texts, letters and emails, texts on tourism and gastronomy, information on art and culture, curricula, etc.

Translation of daily articles, reviews, newsletters, emails and related:

Articles are essential part of a daily activity on any website, beside those are the avenue from which organic traffic is coming from. Having a good article, SEO optimized and relevant content will determined the amount of visitors and their quality over time.

Reviews are also a common way to bring traffic, calling the attention of readers by giving them relevant accurate information about a website or a product.

Newsletters usually are transmitted by email, nothing better for a newsletter than such be interesting and not boring to the reader. Plus SEO optimization represent a turnkey combo.

Emails, received or sent by millions each single day on the net, generally turning into a problem after we receive an email and we do not understand it, or wanting to send an email to someone who speaks other language not yours, there’s wherever you would like North American country.

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