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Professional Subtitle Services for the financial industry / forex, including promocional videos TV movies, short films, webinar series, streaming video channels, video on demand, commercial for TV, expo events and more, Subtitles in English and Spanish.

Every Forex Services we offer is the best quality possible, when Subtitling  to the Forex Markets for companies or for private sector is important to use friendly speech and easy to understand, since not everyone is familiar with the terminology.

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Taking your website to the top of Google Search Engine is not easy.

A good SEO On Page on our website will help us to rank up on Google position for the keywords that are of interest to us, apart from being an opportunity that we can improve the overall performance of our website, which will positively influence your conversions, and make your site attractive.

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Normally we work for very technical clients who absolutely needs to guarantee the correct terminology in the translation services they hire with no sacrificing of quality.

This happen with very strict clients who always need translation services for financial industry or needing a professional help hand. This is where we are the solution you need.

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In my daily work some clients ask me what is exactly lead generation and what are the main channels that are used to get prospects interested in a particular product or service.

In the financial industry field we have a huge number of media for the generation of leads, connected to the internet. All you need is the right person doing the right thing for your firm.


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Forex-Giants provides to its clients subtitling or captioning services for all types of video materials, especially to the Financial Industry from or to English, Spanish.

Subtitling is usually needed when the original video is in a language that an audience or a part of an audience does not understand (because it does not understand the language or because of hearing disabilities) and when it comes about style or prices the client does not want to voice over the video (removing the original voice with another narrator that the target audience can understand).

How does it work:

A company that wishes to contract a subtitling service, needs only to send us the video which needs the subtitles, it might by internet or email, so we can draw up a quote to you.

Once our quote has been accepted by you, our professional team of translators specialising in subtitling will start translating and formating the texts in accordance with the rules and techniques recommended to subtitling. We always work with translators and proofreaders together, who are native speakers for the target language.

Finally, when our professionals have included the subtitles in the original video appropriately and the translator / transcriber and proofreader have reviewed and approved the work, then we will send you the files by the mean you request or via a email.


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If you are not using SEO then you have not presence in internet, you do not exist on the web. as simple as that. If you have a company and you do not appear in the first places of the main search engines, consider the SEO positioning strategy to follow for your company.

Potential clients seek closer relationships with companies, and that is why we have to look for ways to satisfy their needs, but it is not enough to have a face-to-face website, we must take into account the factors of SEO positioning, usability and the experience of users when browsing our website.

When you are looking for a product or a service, and you want to find information about it, where do you look first? In Google or some other search engine like Bing, right? It is here where the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) positioning is born and strengthens. SEO groups up non-sponsored search results.

Why does your company need SEO positioning?

We can conclude that we need SEO positioning to help search tools to more realistically ranks up the most useful websites for Internet users, although some tools such as Alexa or MOZ are used to measure the effectiveness of our campaign, you need the human component to help the search engines to position your website correctly.

For this reason, you must create valuable content for users to share and positively value your website, in this way you will achieve greater relevance in search engines, increasing your visibility and more people, when searching your products / services, reach your website and your visits can become conversions/sales.


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A good translation into English or into Spanish should never seem like a translation.

It must be accurate, elegant and precise, as if it had been written in that language.

100% Native Translators

Our translation into English or Spanish is always done by a 100% native translator, a translator who translates into English or Spanish, his mother tongue, and who has an absolute understanding of financial terminology.

Specialized Translators

We have English and Spanish translators specialized in business, Financial Market/Forex, marketing, legal and technical subjects: technology, engineering, IT, industry, medicine, tourism, sworn translations, etc.

Proofreading Included

Each translation includes a review by a second native  translator to ensure that no errors are leaked. We have translation memories, glossaries and terminology databases per niche.

Translation price in Spa – Eng / Eng – Spa.

The price of a translation into English or Spanish depends on the type of document, amount of words, and urgency.
Consult prices of translation for documents, contracts, websites and sworn translations.



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Marketing for

The heart of your business success lies in Marketing. Most aspects of your business will depend on the success of your marketing.

The umbrella of global marketing covers advertising, public relations, promotions and sales. Marketing is a process by which a product or service is introduced and to potential customers. Without marketing, your company can offer the best products or services in your industry, but none of your potential customers would ever know. In addition, sales could fall and companies may have to close.

So when you’re competing with thousands or millions of websites in your industry, the right marketing campaign will make the difference. A well set marketing campaign gives your business instant exposure, plus increased visibility and traffic via higher search ranking.

Your marketing says everything about your firm and products – make sure it’s sending the right message.

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Marketing in social networks is the method that leads to the application of different digital strategies of inbound marketing to achieve that a company or a particular person can meet their commercial targets and obtain favorable results, so using these social media can interact directly with clients. Take advantage of the benefits that these media offer in order to attract more customers and increase your profits / sales.

Brand image: Popularity and brand image benefits greatly from customers as the company gets closer to the potential clients.

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More visits: A well-targeted social media marketing strategy increases brand visibility and the amount of visitors to your website.

marketing forex

High conversion rate: A brand that interacts with users and manages to make them feel close and important, will more easily built new business.

Scope: The use of social networks is increasingly popular, so this means is an important way to impact a large number of people.

marketing forex

Spreading: Marketing in social networks is one of the fastest and most economical ways to disseminate certain type of information.

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Data collection: Having a good strategy on social networks is an excellent way to gather leads information about the target audience of the brand.

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