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The best App to trade the forex market is by far MetaTrader 5 (MT5)

Since Metaquotes develope the new and upgraded from its core the new trading platform, people trading the currency markets as well as other assets, started to react badly towards the new MT5. But that reaction came out of the ignorance surrounding the trading app.

I don't want to give you lots of data and useless backgrounds background information about this app. Therefore I will share with you what I know are things you need to know about MetaTrader Five.

MT5 came out as a result of the high demand on the forex industry MT4 (its predecessor trading app) had.

The issue with that high demand took place when the updates and debugging reach a cap. Yes, my fellow trader friend, MT4 could not be updated anymore, but why? I am glad you asked!

The new technologies ate the most used app for trading the markets in the whole world.

Yes, there is your answer, MT4 language of coding became obsolete. With all the updates coming out on windows operative system, and with a language of coding every day more and more obsolete, the MT4 creation reach the cap of updates MT4 could resist.

While all of this was happening in the backyard of MetaQuotes, programmers, brokers, and traders, all at one voice were adapting, researching, creating new and better Expert Advisors, better ways of providing liquidity, developing more and more ways to serve their client thru the MT4 connexion.

For the time MT5 saw the light, there were millions of AE, thousands of Brokers, not to mention all the traders who developed their experience of trading by using MT4. The MT5 came alone.

MT5 remains rejected by thousands of brokers and traders.

The reason for this is simple, people, traders, the significant majority of them thinks that MT4 can do things MT5 cannot. Which is by far, wrong. Simply because there is nothing, absolutely nothing Mt4 does, which cannot be done on MT5.

Now, if you have your Expert Advisors are coded for MT4, of course, they will not run on MT5. But why don't you hire somebody to code them for MT5?

That is not on MT5; it is on you!

10 Things MT5 does, and MT4 doesn't

In that infographic, I am just mentioning the more relevant for me, but you might also like the 21 timeframes of MT5.

For hedging MT4 allow us to hedge by request and netting.

But enough of MT5, let´s move to the second-best app in my list.

One of the best High-Tech peace of art for trading out there, CMC Markets.

If you Know ZERO about coding and software developing, you might get the wow reaction when you see for the first time these apps. But if you have a little background of coding and app developing, the first time you see this platform, your wow means something completely different from the other wow above.

Simply because they have it all, not only on features now, but also on user experience. Take a look:

Look intimidating, right?

But it's not when you look to do something or to execute an order, whatever you need to do, the system itself will guide you and an amicable way. Assume now you still cannot manage to use it, there are a live chat and a phone line to help us.

Now, honestly guys, it is better CMC trading app than MT5? It is! Better technology for creating it, better layout, more robust, and yet more comfortable to use interface. There reason why it is second and not first it is just because of people preferences.

I know many of us to stop using MT5 or MT4, whatever! For our 100% trading live. Mainly me, I use it every day, but 40 minutes top. Then I move to CMC.

Lets us have a more in-depth view, just a bit deeper on CMC Markets.

Check this feature now:

Price projection! This is good.

Available only when are logged in to your live account, and on every chart, the pattern recognition tool allows us to seek for standard technical chart and candle patterns, which will result in a price projection.

Available only when are logged in to your live account, and on every chart, the pattern recognition tool allows us to seek for standard technical chart and candle patterns, which will result in a price projection.

You first test several times, checking which is the more useful asset to trade with when using this feature, after having a few months, yes months! Of trying and testing, you check the results to come up with a decision.

Now that you saw my first two trading apps, what do you think?

Are they good enough for you?

Do you think there is something I should mention that I didn't?

That is why the comments block is below there, brother!

Hey! I'm not done yet, there are 10 in total, so eight more to go, ready?

In my opinion, they don't offer much. They don't merely because they have what every other broker has. I put on position three for one fundamental reason, TRUST.

I don't know about you guys, but I had a nice experience with this broker. When a broker fix your account issues in a flash, when you call, and they are there, when you are not there, but something happens in your positions, and they call, and I am not talking about margin call, I mean you open a too-much of a risky position, you placed a wrong Stop Loss, your take Profit is too close or whatever. And they call you, now that is attention.

And again, I need to mention what they have, which is also cool, not just because of what it is but because of how it works, which is fast and bug-free.

Again, I see not much power in terms of technology or features offered, but if there s one thing we look in a broker, is security. And security involves trust in the broker. The broker sometimes is holding us tens of thousands. If you don't trust them, why in the world you have your moment there in the first play? Are you OK?

Lets us honor the line of this article and check this IG platform for trading image:

Put and use, nothing out of this world, but one thing is keeping them as one of the big platforms in the world to trade, and that is reliability. I think I said enough about this monster broker.

Saxo Bank, this broker is one the oldest and yet modern broker you will find, owner of such a fantastic website, and still even more impressive apps to trade.

First, they have a web-based trading app called SaxoTraderGO.

This broker has it all, experience, trust, the best technology available for trading, and still It is not my first. The reason for this is simple; the amount of money you need to start trading. I have not an account with them, but last time I checked I needed 10k to start trading there.

It is not bad when you are aware that trading is a high-risk environment to put your money. Now, if you know what you are doing, I am not saying just open and close a position. When you have a long-lasting experience and an excellent background of trading, then you should consider this broker, my pocket dest like it, neither my bank account, but my brain is in a fight with them. I mean this is a kind of broker you don't go to play around with. Let's talk about the more profound trading style Saxo Bank app can offer.

SaxoTraderPRO; now, this app is enormous in terms of features, check how they present it to us:

"The professional’s choice. Our downloadable, fully customizable, professional-grade platform for advanced traders."

And this is the good news, and they are entirely right. The didn't add complex for marketing purposes, because the learning curve for that trading app got to take some months to continue practicing. But it is great! 

Check the regular SaxoTraderGo app:


Loaded with features and tools and a whole lot of things your mind can be wow for a while, and yet, still simple compared with SaxoTraderPro.

See below what I mean:

I know many of us to have several monitors and tools and a lot of show-off Bla Bla Bla things. But this SaxoTraderPro app is the perfect fit for us. And yet, I am not using it. Why? Did you read above or just looking pictures :-D

Saxo Bank is also well known for its reputation, a robust and trusted forex-giant.

Looking for something like this broker or having the money to start trading there, it is always wise to get in touch first. A call, an email, clear any doubt out, then you open your account.

Is more or less a deserved place for this broker: Dukascopy Bank

Awarded for several years as the best trading platform app provider in the world and all these fantastic features a broker should have. Dukascopy Bank has it all. It is not higher on this ranked trading apps, just because the FCA, NFA or CySec do not regulate them. If they are, they should have it at the footer of their website pages.

This is important because the more regulated a broker is, the more control it has to reduce the possibility of fraud. It is not that never before a fully regulated broker did something wrong to their clients, be as I said, it reduces the risk of happening.

Dukascopy Bank trading app is straightforward to use, and very fast too, even when using old tech mobiles (5 years old max LOL)

Let us take a look at the platform JForex 3:

Here I had to make a copy and paste, and this is what they featured as main characteristics for JForex 3:

JForex 3 app was created for traders, they said. Using Java, which allows the app to run regardless of the operating system in your desktop pc or Mac. About this, I got to say that it is significant for stability in our positions open. I won't get too much into details on this, but, have you ever had a place open overnight, and you wake up in the morning the position is closed, and it got out in a PIP positions it was expected not to get out at? 

Well, that might happen for different reasons, but one of the most common reasons is the app stability concerning the operative system.

The reason why I think this trading app deserves its fifth position. Though it has lots of features, yet it is based on old tech. And what is given by old is close to dying. They better adapt to the new technologies, or they will soon found themselves surrounded by a market which flies upon them on clouds, while they are still running fast, on foot.

Not everything I have to say is about all brokers got to be helpful and shine, does it?

You might have your own experiences with this broker, and I have few. Tell me about your experience, and you might convince me to update this section. Meanwhile, this is it. Cheers!

FXPro, Now I will try to hold my horses here because I had an awful experience with this broker.

As you have noticed by now. I am not an affiliate of any of these companies, neither I am trying to convince you over any of them. But I strongly believe the more info we share among each other, the more protected we will be, which also means, prepared.

I am not going to leave you wondering, what happens with me in FXPro. The thing was as follow:

I had my account open and running as regular, but one of my position, which was doing perfect start to drop on earnings, while another one was climbing. Did I mention that I trade correlated? Yes, I did bro!

Ok, then I received a call, it was a margin call, as they told me, but I argued; "I have enough balance, and everything is fine for me", the seller insisted with an out of hell pitch, which I did pay attention to, but he insisted on me funding more my account, I said NO! I won't. He keeps calling and asking to the point that I closed all my positions, took my profit :-D, and never went back to them.

That was annoying for me, to the point that I won't go back to them for trading, simply because as you can see, there are much better options for me.

Ok, now some images from FXPro:

Yes, I know, It is not a trading platform image, but it is cool though. Beautiful details, and for those of us in the markets for several years, we can easily spot the meaning of the picture. Yes, this is a post with mistery! booooo.

Do you want to know more?

Comment or share this post to see who is informed enough to see the hidden message!

Now, back to the boring thing; the trading app image from FXPro:

HYCM will provide you with exceptional service if you only trade with MT4. When you know you are not an aggressive trader, meaning, purchasing big lots and having to buy 50 positions a day with a lot of money in each location, then HYCM is for you.

Not to mention the fact that HYCM had never being fined by any authoritative regulator. Simply because they do clean and transparent executions of trading.

There is no need to show you images of HYCM trading platform because they use MT4, so you had seen that early today, :-), if not, you are not a trader!

Now we reached the position where execution is killing the broker, but the broker has it all. Well, almost!

ICMarkets, powerful broker, very robust firm, yes it is a fantastic broker, all platforms, nice prices/fees/commissions/whatever.

But what in the world is happening to them?
Have you ever trade with them and notice how long it takes for a position to open?

Yes, execution time is everything here. They said it is 40ms, which is terrible anyway. But the thing gets worse when you go to trade.

I mean ICM guys, read me carefully, you need to have a better server configuration, locations, and platform setting. Today having that much of lousy execution time for a broker with your potential it is not acceptable.

Yes, you have all the rest of the features, but come now, don't you care about the traders?

Now, back to the real world. We don't just go for a broker for execution time; in fact, many of the traders out there have no clue of what I am talking about.

They think execution is that tall guy with the long sword to cut your head off. Well, it is that because if your execution time is too slow to enter, imagine how long it will take to get out? For the time the position closes, your account might be burned.

Ah but not everything is terrible there:

ICMarkets is equipped with all the necessary tools for a good experience when trading, if you live in London, LOL. There is where the server for the trading platform of ICMarkets is located, at least one of them.

Also, good customer support, good spreads, and fees.

Regardless of the execution, which not always is having problems, only in time of Markets volatility, which all broker might be a victim of. We don't care about the execution when it is not provoking us any damage.

Here is a TIP:

If you want to know how bad or good an MT5 or MT4 connection is, check on the respective app. say you are using MT4, in the lower right corner of the platform, when hovering over the connection meter, you can see the speed of the connection for that precise moment. If you see that it is too high, check an economic calendar, you might find some good or bad for the event of the market going on.

Now if nothing is going on, then it is just the broker latency.

Here I will give you the list of the available platforms and tools for trading in ICMarkets:

  • MetaTrader 4
  • MetaTrader 5
  • MT WebTrader
  • MT iPhone/iPad
  • MT Android
  • MT Mac
  • cTrader
  • cTrader Web
  • cTrader iPhone/iPad
  • cTrader Android
  • cTrader cAlgo
Trading Tools
  • API Trading
  • MAM / PAMM
  • Virtual Private Server
  • Trading Servers
  • MT4 Advanced Trading Tools

I don't know about you guys, but it looks kind of old and giving the other versions of Ctraders out there, who knows why they keep this one so far.

Oh, we are about to reach the bottom.

For mobile apps, there are plenty, but one which is always up and running, not buggy times, and fantastic design is Etoro.

Etoro right now is going thru a very aggressive marketing moment, thanks to this their average visitors per month are 14m, yes, fourteen million visitors a month on average, according to Similar web. Realistically speaking, it is easily possible when you pump a lot of money per month on PPC.

I will share with you my favorite marketing advertizing from Etoro, come on dude, I don't want you to be bored:

That video is not only funny, it is also real. People trading there are more focusing on living than trading.

It is not something easy though, because you got to find first a good trader to copy your trades from. Once you find it, everything is straightforward, just set the right parameters to determine the size of your positions, etc.

Etoro is not the first, or in a better position for me, simply because of they more focused on copy traders than anything else. Yes, you can trade regular there, but once you get to trade on a regular basis, they are just another broker. Nothing amazing about it.

For me, a good broker not only has it all but take care of all.

IronFX, the wounded giant.

Yes, IronFX is such a massive broker, with everything a good broker may wish, only when it comes about infrastructure and cash flow. But its reputation is its enemy.

They said and shield themselves on IBs scamming them and stealing money from their clients in the name of Iron FX, that is what I was told on the phone. Which it is real, in China that happened, Iron is innocent of that. But guilty on allowing them to do it for the lack of proper management.

When you hire people who are supposed to monitor something they were hired for, and they don't do it, then the door is open for robbers to get it, damage the business and leave, taking with them your reputation.

IronFX is a fantastic broker now, has it all and more. but it is still fighting to beat the past. A past which seems to have no mercy on them, but there is something great about the persistence, the fight, the cleaning of the name.

Of course, there are people complaining, but let's be realistic, all broker, here on the list or not, they have the ups and downs.

I Put IronFX last not because it is the last, but because is where your attention should end, not in a broker now, but in the fight of a good fight, a fight to make money yes, but protected from those who are trying to take our money and then blame us for losing it.

Take ironFX platform for a spin, check it and see all the features, there is nothing a broker have IronFX is not having it. If they don't have it now, it is not because IronFX didn't test it before, it is simply because they found no value in it, nor for their business neither for the users.

The same thing we should persist on doing, finding the best opportunities out there and test them, not all golden will be gold, so you better learn from the experience of others, it will save you a lot of money.</p

“trading platforms apps” represent my experience on each, some were great others not that much. I didn't want to reserve for my self any though, this is an open thought, wrong or right I just share it with you for your evolving into a better trader.

Do not waste your time, it is the real no renewable resource we have, so look for fast execution, trusted and experienced broker to use your time.