Most Indebted Countries in the EU

Here are the most indebted countries in the EU

Initially Written in Spanish by Andrea Núñez-Torrón Stock

Even though indebted countries like Spain, its debt amounts are 98% of the Gross Domestic Product. Spain occupies the sixth place in the ranking of the most indebted countries of the European Union. Details, in the following infographic.

The public debt is also called sovereign debt. Represents the sum of the contracted debts of any State or countries inside EU. This has skyrocketed in recent times, becoming one of the main concerns of the world’s major economies. Typically, it expressed as an amount or as a percentage of GDP. Or what is the same, constitutes the percentage of GDP that a country should spend to pay its debt.

The ‘technical debt’ makes lose 300,000 million dollars to companies worldwide

Precisely, today has ended the deadline for indebted countries of European Commission gave to Italy. For its Government to present new budgets within the community framework. Since this Mediterranean country is the second most indebted in the Eurozone. According to Eurostat data for 2017. Although the debt amounts to 131% of its GDP. Matteo Salvini, the country’s interior minister and leader of the far-right Northern League party, has warned that the executive branch would not modify its fiscal plan. Even in the face of possible sanctions.

At present, and as reflected in the following Statista infographic, Greece continues to be the most indebted country in the EU, owing 176% of its Gross Domestic Product according to data from 2017. The Greek depression, as some like to call it, this Start of a sovereign debt crisis in Greece, dates back to the end of 2009, being one of the first four sovereign debt crises in the eurozone. Around 2011 the three most affected – Greece, Ireland, and Portugal. First to require a bail-out – collectively they accounted for 6% of the Eurozone’s GDP.

In front of Spain in the classification of indebted regions are Portugal, Belgium, and France, respectively. At present, our country is in the sixth position with a debt amounting to 98% of GDP, a figure that is 16 percentage points above the Union average, located at 82%.

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