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About Me

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Jesus Guzman. Although for a long time, you have known me as an SEO Expert, I decided to extend my financial activity by creating a blog about investing. I started this project due to my passion for investing and my personal experience in the field.

Which helped me maintain a constant flow of extra income. Ten years ago, I felt the urge to do something with my time and money. Spurred by an uncertain future and insisting growing insecurity in the working environment.

Fortunately, I started learning how to invest, and within a couple of years, I managed to make investing my primary source of income, supporting my family and me. Now, I’m on a mission to help you embark on this exciting journey as well, that will take your finances to the next level. I am a regular guy, just like you, therefore if I was able to succeed in this, so can you!

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Control Over Your Investments

In this contemporary world of financial investments, frequently we find ourselves in situations in which the feeling that we do not have control over our investments is the reason for taking bold decisions.

Here we will share with you the two mindset shifts you need to make to get away from getting stuck in an unwanted investment. The first change is to think of an investment as a long term process. Get rich quick doesn’t work with strategic investing.

What we do

We Prep Investors

For individuals, companies or funds wanting to invest in startups or growing companies. We help them make the right decision and invest in the companies with the best potential, by analyzing the risks and performing an assessment.

We Prep Entrepreneurs

For entrepreneurs looking for resources from a third party to start a business or expand their existing one. We collect the key information, help prepare a business plan and walk the path together with the entrepreneur in the different stages of the process.

Business Model Validation

A business model is the initial tool for entrepreneurship. Using the Canvas tool, we will validate the existing relationships between the target audience, partners and the value proposition in order to generate the desired ROI for the company. We will also estimate the incomes, costs and profitability of the business or line of business.

Marketing Strategy

The constantly changing and competitive environment is a key to define a unique value proposition aligned with the needs of valued customers in order to supply them, surprise them and leave them totally satisfied. The knowledge of the environment and the competition is critical to determine the strategy that will guide the organization to its business goals.

Process Map

The way people share information, resources and communicate within an organization determines how profitable a company can be. Defining the processes of the company and how to interact with each other is a valuable tool to make the company more organized and efficient in terms of resources optimization and productivity. Comprehensive advice is offered to identify the main processes and put them on a map to give the guidelines for the flow of information and resources in a more efficient way.

Experts Consulting

Today we face different dilemmas in different areas of our business: When to launch a project? How to define sale prices? How to check the cash flow? Where to open a new branch? etc. For this reason, we put together a group of professionals from different areas, so that we can clear your doubts out, answer all your questions and provide feedback. This session is a great way to help you at any stage of your entrepreneurial journey.


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