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Many times clients ask me what is the difference between a marketing agency and an advertising agency or a communication agency.

Actually, people who are out of this industry are kind of lost about these two concepts. They little to nothing where one ends and where the other begins, and does not distinguish the line that separates advertising from marketing.

We will try to give some light about this question in the simplest way possible.

An advertising agency is one whose role is to publicize a product, service or company. By using the traditional channels (television, radio or press) or online channels (website, online radio, blogs, forums, etc …) placing a product or service in the mind of the client.

A marketing agency works in a more global way, because before doing the advertising campaign that any advertising agency would do, it draws a strategy, an action plan that indicates not only the channels, but also the message to be transmitted, a plan that in turn segments your potential clients into groups and that defines each of the messages according to your message. And also, once launched, perform an analysis of results with which to “feed back” the action, improving it in future occasions. But the marketing agency is not alone here, but also has to be involved in other equally important aspects, such as the distribution, the price or even the definition of the product, that is, the famous 4P’s of marketing (product, price, promotion, placement) giving a more global response to customers.

In this sense, we can say that an advertising agency is a perfect ally for a company that already has a marketing department, or at least with a Marketing Director, while a marketing agency is the perfect partner of any SME with concerns about doing things but that lacks the person to perform that function.

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7 mistakes in social media marketing

Many of you will think that the task of the Community Manager is very easy. You just have to write a copy, an image and ready, right? Well, no! It’s much more than that. It is a task that you must do with enthusiasm, bring creativity, be original and very careful with spelling. In addition to that you must have a defined strategy, a reputation crisis plan (just in case) and a content calendar. You must use tools that will serve you to monitor, study the competition …

A single error can affect your account and create a crisis immediately, so you must be very careful with the errors that I will show below according to my experience:

#1. To be polite

Sometimes we will find very good comments, others difficult to understand and others negative. Do not panic! we must always respond according to the personality of the brand and with education. We can not become clever, or make the user feel that we are fed up with his comments (sometimes happens), we must always respond with a calm tone, helping the user as much as possible, always meditating and not taking it personally.

#2. Spelling mistakes

We can not write and publish. We must read it again since there are times when the mechanical process of work makes us not pay attention to what we write and we publish it without revising. Sometimes that can play tricks on us, so we must be very attentive to what we publish if we do not want to have the typical user who is constantly reviewing our work.

#3. Confused accounts

This is very important, we can not be confused when it comes to publishing, it is a very serious mistake since we could play the position. It would seriously affect the image of the company and believe me it should be a horrible feeling especially if we have a significant number of followers.

#4. Excess of Hashtags

It is not necessary to use many hashtags in a publication, it is an error because it saturates and makes it difficult for the user to read. Just put 3 and have value, that are not close together and give them that original touch so that the user is interested and read the full copy.

#5. Leave the profile picture blank

Community managers must have a taste for aesthetics and take care of the visual sense of the account. We must update the image of the profile according to the strategy (temporality, promotions, exclusive events …) Since users can judge the brand, increasing the abandonment and the option of hiring a service or the sale of a product because the aesthetics provides values ​​such as security, exclusivity and quality.

# 6 The one who answers is a person not a robot

Sometimes users will ask us the same things, we must respond differently, we are people and they should notice it. They should feel special in each response.

# 7 Accommodate with the account

A community manager must be constantly investigating, watching the competition, being original, proposing strategies … we must get the account, that triumphs. Do not fall into the temptation to settle for a few I like. We must grow and assert ourselves in order to achieve new professional and personal goals.
I leave you as a reflection a phrase that I love and is all that is necessary to do your job well.

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