Marvel: Disney’s strategic of investment

Around $ 4 billion would have cost to Disney to put the hands-on
Marvel Entertainment and its famous titles like the Avengers franchise this Monday. This amount of money keeps relation with the character of the icons with which are treated in the market.

Marvel comics and the rights on more than 5 thousand characters listed in the company’s portfolio, including Spiderman, Hulk, The Fantastic Four, Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America. The board of both companies approved the transaction, which will carry out through a fixed exchange of cash and shares. By which the Marvel shareholders will receive 30 dollars per share for each company title, and 0,745 titles of Disney. This agreement supposes a premium of 29% with respect to the Marvel closing price the day of the negotiation.

Will the Disney Shares keep Rising up thanks to Marvel Studios?

“The transaction combines the global strength of the Marvel brand and its name cast of characters. Alone with the creative abilities of Disney, a portfolio of unique entertainment rights and a business structure. Which maximizes the value of creative property rights through multiple platforms and territories. “Explained Disney president and CEO Robert A. Iger.

Disney is the perfect home for the Marvel characters, given their proven
ability to expand the creation of content and business licenses, “said the
Marvel CEO, Ike Perlmutter, who called the “opportunity” deal without precedents.

The Disney empire acquires the portfolio of more than 5,000 Marvel characters. Though Perlmutter will supervise the company’s properties and work directly with the lines of Disney business for the integration of both companies.

In the annual stock balance, Marvel shares have risen 59.25%, thanks mainly to the success of film productions as The Avengers, based on their characters. While those of Disney have appreciated 16.83%.

The three films based on Spiderman have generated more than $ 2,500 at the box office millions around the world, while the four X-Men tapes prowled the US $ 1,600 million.

It is the largest Disney agreement since 2006 when Disney paid $ 7.4 billion in, to buy Pixar Animation Studios Inc., the creator of hits like Toy
Story and The Incredibles.

The takeover of Marvel by Disney is not simple as there is
previously agreed commitments such as, for example, the long-term signed
with Sony Corporation that allows Sony Pictures Entertainment to make films based on Spiderman in exchange for copyrights.

We are going to respect the agreements we know,” said Iger.

The multi-million dollar investment decided by Disney has to do with a good strategy. For sure this related to the new order that will prevail – which has already begun to reign for years – from new technologies.

That world is multiplatform, that is to say, what was previously only one or two ways-the cinema in the case of the films. Which then expanded with the home video for a brand will be multiple tracks. Meaning multiple businesses.

The group that owns the most properties will be the best positioned to exploit the multiplication of platforms of business.

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