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According to Michele Della Vigna in an interview. Where they were talking about Oil Price Bloomberg daily conversations. Michele said that he thinks all comes to GDP activity. And at the end of the day, if GDP reminds as strong as it is right now, all demands will continue to be strong.

What do you think in real facts, that affect the trade spat on Oil Demand?


We are eating very quickly the Oil capacity produced by the Opec. Between one or two millions barrels per day.  And the more the crisis on some of the more critical oil producers we will have a very volatile Oil trading market. said the Oil Price Bloomberg expert.

A Very Tight Oil Market!

We saw Saudi pull back on production a little bit, we know Iran will fall out soon. Venezuela, having problems getting anything out of the ground.
Will the supply size shrink? Oil Price Bloomberg news, almost every day helps us understand better all this matters about, particularly this Oil Production worldwide situation.

Can the President trump tweet the Saudis into keeping up their Oil production?

No doubt we are going into a period of a slow down Oil production. Venezuela continues to decline four hundred to six hundred barrels per day. The heat on Iran can be up to one million to one and a half million barrels per day. Depending on how countries like China will react. Libya always unpredictable; US supply always restrained by infrastructure. When we take all of that together. I believe there exists a substantial risk to supply.

And this is still a period where a lot of major projects come on screen. The question is: What will happen in 2020 or 2021 when in my analysis, the pace of new projects starts to slow down and shield itself will begin to slow down on the back of more decline.

Something vital, we pay attention to crude production in the last few years. Oil price Bloomberg experts agreed that is not common on seeing the Oil production this low:

oil price bloomberg

Bloomberg commodities oil quite high

We see something common in Oil production quite high. But if it continues like this. Such a thing might represent a real high price scenario shortly.

What should Oil producers consider doing right now in term of spending, remain prepared for that scenario?

What they can do will be to continue to use their influential positions to negotiate to improve tax terms with governments. Improving conditions of the oil services and to keep to simplify standardized projects and on the side of the government. Only sanctioned when they can’t reach their oil production quotes agreed.

Should any of these actors of the oil production industry be investing more in projects to improve oil production?

When it comes about Oil Prices, Bloomberg gives us a lot of information during along the day. And following the words of Michele, they should be doing more activities. Which does not necessarily means investing more money.

Many Oil productions countries had learned to simplify and break down their projects, in ways that make them profitable with much lower budgets.

It is interesting the cost of deporting and those mega projects had come down up to sixty to seventy percent. Based on this article called 10 Major Oil & Gas Projects to Watch in 2018 from https://www.fircroft.com. In other words, one dollar invested today is the equivalent to 3 dollars spent in two thousand sixteen.

Oil Price Bloomberg forecast is hawkish with no doubt.

Only this week, Oil Price Bloomberg news journalist was mentioning about the surprise oil reduction on Saudi. The Attack to the President of Venezuela with a drone, war game going on in Iraq. All of that combined with the fact that there is a precarious moment in the Oil Price Bloomberg guests are saying.

Update: 12/14/2018

The US exported more oil than imported in 75 years

Washington could contribute to the flooding of the world market with additional barrels. While OPEC keeps considering reducing its production to control prices.

According to the Oil Price Bloomberg, United States became a net exporter of oil last week. Ending 75 years of continued dependence on imported oil, reports Bloomberg. Meaning. The North American country sold 211,000 daily barrels of oil and derivative products more than they imported.

The transition to net exports was triggered by an unprecedented boom in US oil production. This marks a turning point in what the country’s president, Donald Trump, called “energy independence.” The United States still experiencing a second shale revolution and in the spring of 2019. It promises to break a new production record, reaching 12 million barrels of oil per day.

“We are turning into the most dominant energy power in the world, but because the change is gradual over time. I do not think it will cause a great revolution, but we do have to think that OPEC will have to take it into account when they think in reducing oil production,” said Michael Lynch, president of Strategic Energy & Economic Research.

Given the continued volatility in commodity markets. The Oil Price Bloomberg experts predict that in the future the United States will continue to buy a little more oil than what it will sell. In 2018, imports exceeded exports by 3 million barrels per day on average. Against 2005, this figure peaked at more than 12 million barrels per day, according to the US Energy Information Administration.

This Thursday, OPEC summit and its collaborators began in Vienna (Austria) amid the tensions caused by the fall in oil prices by more than 30% in the last three months.

This Friday, the organization will continue discussions on what volume of production will be determined to stabilize the price of black gold.
This December 5, 2018, US president, Donald Trump, assured through his Twitter account that the world “does not need higher oil prices”.

Below a year per year Oil exportation of the US

oil price blomber

Update 24/10/2018

Bloomberg oil quotes:

Bloomberg oil quotes
WTI prices dropped to historical levels since 1979

Bloomberg Oil Quotes does not show a good panorama, populists and a strong dollar: risk guide for emerging markets in 2019.

Rising rates in the United States, a stronger dollar, the trade war between Beijing and Washington, Bloomberg oil prices charts going down and the emergence of populist leaders are key factors which could influence emerging markets.

The theory is very simple: the assets of the emerging markets have already been bombarded, so the decline, if things get worse, is much lower, and if things recover, they have a higher potential for performance,” words of Anthony Peters. , an independent analyst former worker of Blockex with lots of experience in developing countries. Nevertheless, “they have the potential to drop much more for much longer than anyone would have thought possible.”

The Fed and the Dollar

Investors will be very attentive to the Federal Reserve of the United States after its president, Jerome Powell, did not show a position as accommodating as they expected in the comments that followed the rise in the interest rate of the Central Bank. Decembre 19th, 2018.

Commercial wars and China

Chinese President Xi Jinping remains defiant. After telling some of the nation’s most influential military and business figures this month. Beijing will not give its arm to wrestle with US trade and investment demands quickly. Any increase in tensions between the two dominant economies of the world would probably strike a blow to Asian assets. They have already been affected. China’s main stock index is on track for its worst year since 2008 and stocks in South Korea and Taiwan have also fallen sharply.


Brazil and Mexico will begin the next year 2019 with new populist presidents. Albeit from opposite ends of the spectrum. Brazilian stocks have risen to record levels after the country’s president-elect. Jair Bolsonaro said he would sell dozens of state-owned companies and after he chose Paulo Guedes of the University of Chicago as his chief economic adviser. Even so, the right-wing politician faces the difficult challenge of reforming the country’s generous and exhausted pension system, which will represent vital to sustaining the market’s rebound.

Crude oil price forecast bloomberg

Base on bloomberg news, we are facing an unpredictable price action for the year 2019.

Kontopoulos, when asked about the Crude oil price forecast Bloomberg in a note, he said: If the supply response of Oil becomes more definitive and if the market embraces what the Opep community tries to express, things are manageable and are fixable situations. Said Yianos Kontopoulos. 
Check the video for the full note:

Crude oil Bloomberg daily comments are very important for us. Regular oil traders with a particular temptation towards the Oil industry. Crude oil in Bloomberg is always a subject, almost on a daily basis. The reason why we cannot ignore the fact that Bloomberg is one of the primary sources of feedback regarding Oil Price action.

Oil prices today Bloomberg

Here you can see what is the price of oil on Bloomberg:
WTI Crude
For December 24/2018 5pm

Oil price action is something which is affecting all economies around the globe. So the more update the information we receive it is, the better.

Bloomberg oil, analysis by Scott Bauer:

The news coming from Saudit cutting even more the Oil production. Creates a volatile situation on the prices of oil, said Scott. regardless the rebound of WTI to 45$. He Scott thinks the market participants are really confused right now.

These comments came followed by a fascinating question about the Dollar Index and how it is impacting the oil trading, to which Scott answered: It is a little stronger today, based on those FED announcements. Here the full interview:

Scott Bauer, talks about Oil price sentiment

Bloomberg commodities oil prices are always up to date, more important, they are always forecasting future escenarios, not only for oil, but also on other commodities.

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