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The prices of oil today in Bloomberg starting with how the WTI has traded today at $ 45.77, losing -0.71% (-0.33 USD). Touching an intraday high of $ 46.51 per barrel. And an intraday low of WTI of $ 45.15, against the $ 46.10 at the close of Thursday in New York.

Real time price of the WTI with tools.

With the above oil price chart, you can adjust your preferences and select the period you wish to check, take a screenshot, draw lines. You can even see any other commodity you want. My goal is to bring you tools you can easily use and understand. In the oil prices Bloomberg today you can find several ways to improve your trading.

Bloomberg commodities charts are also great. But I think those charts are more complicated to use. And though I use them every day, I always tend to look for the more friendly to use charts.

Let’s take a look at the Brent crude chart from Bloomberg:

chart of the brent crude

Brent Crude chart you see above looks more comfortable to understand, yes it does. But this brent crude chart is confusing, and you don’t have critical data. If you want to make better decisions, you better get the best or at least the minimal information to do it.

Do you want to see brent price real time?

Check the chart below, where you can do your technical analysis or fundamental:

But what about if you want the Oil Price history?

That is precisely the reason why I put the first chart. You can select the 1 month option and go back in time as long as the chart allows it. Deeper still, you can see straight the price of the oil for that particular day on that year.

Experience traders are the one looking for the Oil Price History. Looking for compare previous price actions en relation with a present situation.

Mainly I don’t relay much in oil price history. Since global economies for the Big player in the oil industry are far from repeating. Though yes, we can say one can affect the other. But that in particular situations. An example of this is the current tragedy in the Venezuelan Oil Industry.

Another type of investment to care about when it comes about the Oil industry are Futures. The prices of oil today in Bloomberg are not the only ones to have a daily update. In the section Bloomberg commodities future, you have a more organized and modern dashboard to see real-time the behavior of the major commodities markets.

The Oil prices are very volatile; when we trade this kind of asset, we need to keep an eye on the oil price chart. Such an attitude represents the only way we can make our Oil Price Forecast trade more effectively. Not always good results will come, but let’s try to reduce the losses and improve the profits.

Oil prices today in Bloomberg

Crude Oil Prices – Historical Annual Data
Year Average
Closing Price
Year Open Year High Year Low Year Close Annual
% Change
2018 $65.31 $60.37 $76.41 $45.59 $45.59 -24.54%
2017 $50.84 $52.33 $60.42 $42.53 $60.42 12.47%
2016 $43.58 $36.76 $54.06 $26.21 $53.72 45.03%
2015 $48.72 $52.72 $61.43 $34.73 $37.04 -30.70%
2014 $93.17 $95.14 $107.95 $53.45 $53.45 -45.55%
2013 $97.98 $93.14 $110.62 $86.65 $98.17 6.90%
2012 $94.05 $102.96 $109.39 $77.72 $91.83 -7.08%
2011 $94.88 $91.59 $113.39 $75.40 $98.83 8.15%
2010 $79.48 $81.52 $91.48 $64.78 $91.38 15.10%
2009 $61.95 $46.17 $81.03 $34.03 $79.39 78.00%
2008 $99.67 $99.64 $145.31 $30.28 $44.60 -53.52%
2007 $72.34 $60.77 $99.16 $50.51 $95.95 57.68%
2006 $66.05 $63.11 $77.05 $55.90 $60.85 -0.34%
2005 $56.64 $42.16 $69.91 $42.16 $61.06 40.82%
2004 $41.51 $33.71 $56.37 $32.49 $43.36 33.37%
2003 $31.08 $31.97 $37.96 $25.25 $32.51 4.17%
2002 $26.19 $21.13 $32.68 $18.02 $31.21 56.36%
2001 $25.98 $27.29 $32.21 $17.50 $19.96 -25.30%
2000 $30.38 $25.56 $37.22 $23.91 $26.72 3.73%
1999 $19.35 $12.42 $28.03 $11.38 $25.76 112.19%
1998 $14.42 $17.41 $17.93 $10.82 $12.14 -31.22%
1997 $20.61 $25.55 $26.55 $17.60 $17.65 -31.85%
1996 $22.12 $19.83 $26.55 $17.33 $25.90 32.55%
1995 $18.43 $17.45 $20.53 $16.86 $19.54 9.96%
1994 $17.20 $14.52 $20.72 $13.89 $17.77 25.23%
1993 $18.43 $19.03 $21.05 $13.98 $14.19 -27.19%
1992 $20.58 $19.43 $23.03 $17.89 $19.49 1.78%
1991 $21.54 $26.53 $32.25 $17.43 $19.15 -32.76%
1990 $24.53 $22.88 $41.07 $15.43 $28.48 30.40%
1989 $19.64 $17.38 $24.62 $16.99 $21.84 27.57%
1988 $15.97 $17.77 $18.54 $12.58 $17.12 2.27%
1987 $19.20 $18.13 $22.44 $15.12 $16.74 -6.64%
Those prices allow us to see that something is going on in the industry, something keeping the market participants confused about the future of the costs for the next 2019.

Oil news seems to be discouraging the markets. On Friday December 21, oil prices fell and touched their lowest levels since the 3rd quarter of 2017, and closed the week with losses of more than -11%, since an oversupply kept buyers away before the end of the year parties.

Oil has fallen in line with the stock markets in the face of investors’ concern for the health of the global economy at the start of a new year. The concern was intensified by the possibility that the United States, the world’s largest consumer of crude oil, will suffer a government paralysis on Friday if it does not reach an agreement to release federal funds.

Markets have fallen on fears over oversupply, despite cuts agreed by OPEC and other producers.

In the week, both WTI and Brent fell more than -11%. Since they hit multi-year highs at the beginning of October 2018, both oil referents have lost more than a third of their value, in their worst collapse in 3 years.

WTI or the West Texas Intermediate, one of its peculiarities and the one that might play an important role in the US Oil trade Market next year 2019. because this crude is much less heavy than Brent. It is also called Texas Light Sweet, due to its low sulfur content (0.24%). Which makes it a soft crude type of oil. From the technical point of view, the WTI oil has an API density of 39.6 and a specific density around 0.827.

Most of the time, the WTI is refined directly in the United States. Mainly in the Midwest and near the Gulf Coast, for practical reasons since production centers are nearby.

Crude prices today in bloomberg also tell us that it is very risky to trade Oil this season:

Are you wondering how to invest effectively in WTI oil?

To invest in WTI oil in a sensible way you must use both the indications of the technical analysis and the fundamental analysis.

With regard to technical analysis, it is true that most traders follow and use the main indicators. Therefore, announced trends often become reality and you can use them as a basis for your strategies.

However, we must not ignore the fundamental events, such as:

  • Publication of the US reserves, which inform him of the strength of global demand;
  • Data regarding world oil production ;
  • OPEC decisions regarding the production quotas of some countries;
  • The value of the US dollar, the currency in which the WTI is listed;
  • World economic growth, which is relative to the industrial demand for oil.

Crude prices today in bloomberg will not be the same for next year, but market participants and markets engines, will continue their jobs. we as part of these market participants must have clear and updated information. If we don’t, then we better stay away from this storm of events and money.

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