personal data

Dear Customers,

About your Personal Data, Since May 25, 2018 there were some changes in data protection laws in Europe and new GDPR law came into effect. It changed the policy of keeping and using of the personal data. Below we provide a list of the personal data which we will use according to new EU Regulations.
  • Your full Name, phone number, personal address;
  • email address, Skype and other social addresses and contact information as well as usernames that are used for your online communication.
  • personal id number or TIN.
  • information about comments that have been submitted to our support team to help you solve any issue or administrative reason.
  • information about articles copyrights or plans to register to any affiliate broker, IPs etc. through us, your personal data and any other information that is related to your account with us.

What will the personal data be used for?

We will use the personal data exceptionally for the following purposes:
  • to fully compliance with the laws;
  • to process your request and provide the best services possible for you;
  • to ensure the security of our visitors and to detect and prevent any attempt of fraud and malicious actions;
  • to assist you in case you have any lack of information about forex markets, and to provide our best personal knowledge to manage and control infrastructure, instruments, databases and other applications and systems;
  • to conduct statistical analysis of our website visitors, as well as applications and tools that are accessible via our website, as well as to perform market analysis and sales analysis;
  • to increase user experience and the quality of our services and products, as well as the use of the website.
  • to develop additional products and services while growing.
We will not share with anybody your personal data with no third party, with exception to the situations that are covered in Privacy Policy, any Agreement that was signed with you or to follow the law.When using our services you agree that we will use any of your personal data for purposes that are shown in the privacy policy.
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