Translation Prices

1. Generic Texts Translation.

Product catalogs, flyers, brochures, advertising, restaurant menus, user manuals, magazines reports, books and other simple documents.

Prices of generic translation: English or Spanish

– Translation from Spanish to English0,08 €
– Translation from English to Spanish0,08 €
* Eg: document of 2 pages. with 500 words.40 €

Traducir contrato

2. Legal Contracts Translation.

We translate contracts, Customer agreements, deeds, powers of attorney, notarial deeds, statutes, annual accounts, judicial resolutions, etc.

Legal translation prices: English

– Legal translation from Spanish to English0,09 €
– Legal translation from English to Spanish0,09 €
* Eg: document of 2 pages. with 500 words.45 €

Traducción de páginas web, blogs, wordpress, ecommerce, tiendas online, prestashop, magento, etc.3. Websites Translation.

We can translate websites, web stores, blogs, WordPress sites, CMS, eCommerce, Prestashop, Magento… Also Apps. for iOS and Android. Direct translation on code: Html, Xml, Po files, etc. Web positioning in English.

Websites Translation Prices: English or Spanish

– Web translation (Word)0,08 €
– Html / Xml code translation0,09 €
– Translation WordPress / CMSask quote
– eCommerce Translationask quote
– Translation App.ask quote

5. Translators Face Interpreters

Translators – professional interpreters for meetings, visits, seminars, events and congresses. Interpreting translators English – Spanish, native Spanish and English and totally bilingual.

Interpretation prices in English:


Meetings, courses, presentations…
Translator Spa – Eng or Eng – Spa

1 hour100€
1/2 working day (5h.)350€
Full working day (8h.)550€


Commercial visits, fairs, etc.
Translator Spa – Eng or Eng – Spa

1 hour100€
1/2 working day (5h.)350€
Full working day (8h.)550€


Congresses (booth / headphones)
Translator Spa – Eng or Eng – Spa

1 hour150€
1/2 working day (5h.)450€
Full working day (8h.)650€

Available in Europe, United Kingdom, Latam, Asia