Satoshi, Public Evidences

About Satoshi Nakamoto a myth is wondering. But in this article I will focus on the public evidences I have found in relation to Satoshi.

When it comes to Satoshi timeline, and the actual interaction with people he has ever made. This period only lasted about two years. Through those two years nobody has ever met him personally, neither talked to him over the phone or Skype or any other type of mean.

Because he or she or it was only talking to people through forum posts and emails. But there are evidences of Satoshi was already active on a website before he would interact with anybody.


The first evidence I found is at page registry.

Satoshi has registered the domain called the 18th of August 2008. This website still runs today and after a decade passed and at such very same Website you can also download the Bitcoin core client. If you want to run your own food node.

Next public event which was the publication of the Bitcoin white paper called Bitcoin or peer to peer electronic cash system.

The white paper was published on the cryptography mailing list, but it was also available to download on the Website. Even today if you go to the Website, still until now you are able to access the white paper.

You can also download your own copy as part of this article. The White Paper define What is Bitcoin, How bitcoin works and it contains about eight pages and an extra page at the bottom which lists the references related to the Bitcoin project.

The white paper also has Satoshi’s name on it, which indicates that he is a Japanese male.

However the email address he used comes from German, which can be found on top as [email protected]

Next event on our timeline is the 3rd of January 2009, when Satoshi has mined block number zero. Also known as the Genesys block, which had a reward of 50 Bitcoins.

I will write about the genesys block later on another article, and why its this important.

As of today the beginning of October 2018 the latest version of the Bitcoin software is version 0.16.O which was released on the twenty sixth of February 20 18.

The next event in our timeline which is the 09 of January 2009 when the first version of the Bitcoin software was released publicly, known as V 0 1.

Pronounced as version zero point one.

The next famous event on our timeline is the first of January 2009 which is the first ever Bitcoin transaction.

Satoshi has sent 50 bitcoins to Hal Finney who was an excellent coder and a well-known cryptography expert. Unfortunately Hal Finney has died back in 2014. However his story is not yet finished. But in this article I only wanted to focus on some of the early notable timelines.

Thank you for reading and I will write another part of this article this week.

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