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If you are not using SEO then you have not presence in internet, you do not exist on the web. as simple as that. If you have a company and you do not appear in the first places of the main search engines, consider the SEO positioning strategy to follow for your company.

Potential clients seek closer relationships with companies, and that is why we have to look for ways to satisfy their needs, but it is not enough to have a face-to-face website, we must take into account the factors of SEO positioning, usability and the experience of users when browsing our website.

When you are looking for a product or a service, and you want to find information about it, where do you look first? In Google or some other search engine like Bing, right? It is here where the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) positioning is born and strengthens. SEO groups up non-sponsored search results.

Why does your company need SEO positioning?

We can conclude that we need SEO positioning to help search tools to more realistically ranks up the most useful websites for Internet users, although some tools such as Alexa or MOZ are used to measure the effectiveness of our campaign, you need the human component to help the search engines to position your website correctly. For this reason, you must create valuable content for users to share and positively value your website, in this way you will achieve greater relevance in search engines, increasing your visibility and more people, when searching your products / services, reach your website and your visits can become conversions/sales.

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