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Forex Giants Services

Investing Mentoring

forex giants established from its genesis and embodied in its ethics the purpose of helping to the develop the entrepreneurship, through the creation of its own network of coaches for Angel Investors. Which participate and support projects from their origins through the contribution of capital and also to finalize these projects. This way we facilitates the success of projects and the creation of opportunities generated from the development of our people and consequently of our industry.

Investment Management

– As leaders in managing alternative, liquid, and investment strategies, with our investors’ expectations as a framework, we provide a suite of return hedge funds through an excellent performance-driven investment core. Providing an professional framework to our entrepreneurial teams, asset traders and firm managers, allowing them to execute strategies to extract repeatable alpha and continuously grow and develop new ones.

Private Equity

Working with world class firms we develop bespoke capital solutions to span across the whole capital structure. Tailored to various business goal and unique requirements. As part in both main and secondary transactions. We are experts in investments and lending in key situations, distressed situations, restructuring, and mid-to-late stage growth capital.

Structured Products

By providing to our clients access to a wide range of meticulous selected asset classes and markets. Help draw up specific proposals tailored to the appetite and goals of the investment. Commitment to develop and structure innovative and bespoke financial instruments is our mindset to achieve requested values.

Competitive Advantages

Track Record

We established a strong track record, providing to our clients intelligent for their investment opportunities. We are always ‘thinking beyond’ to create new and exciting deals creating value for all our customers and partners.


We are a team of talented people, different expertise backgrounds all together working as one. Our people enable us to reach the expected goals, and be the company our clients need us to be. Our team is deeply dedicated to the business, possessing an unwavering drive to deliver excellency to our high class clients and partners.

Partner of Choice

The partner selected by an everyday growing pool of clients; individuals, corporations, financial companies and non-profit organizations.

SPF Strategies

Our strategies are a set of winning investment mechanisms which sets us apart from other investment managers and coaches. The end result is an ‘on target’ investment vehicle, not only enabling our clients to capture great investment opportunities, but also matches their objectives, outlook and risk profile.

Technology Advantage

– At forex giants, our edge strategy is our competitive advantage. We leverage on our advanced technological knowledge and skills to create optimal capital solutions.

Trust Services

Our team of professionals provides tailored trust services to meet your every investment need. Through our trust services, forex giants may act as your trustee to help you conferring your assets on people who are the most important to you. You can count on us to provide an insightful ideas when creating a safety net for your heirs.

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The middle man play a key role in our success. By appreciating the ones who are trusting us with their transactions over the last years. Many transactions we make are complex, so we always try to retain the best experts in each of their respective fields. forex giants is constantly in the search of talented business executives.

Contact us if you are a financial advisor having a solid opportunity, a trader looking for a capital partner, an executive looking for a full-time position, or interested in participating as a board member to one of our projects.

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