Forex-Giants provides to its clients subtitling or captioning services for all types of video materials, especially to the Financial Industry from or to English, Spanish.

Subtitling is usually needed when the original video is in a language that an audience or a part of an audience does not understand (because it does not understand the language or because of hearing disabilities) and when it comes about style or prices the client does not want to voice over the video (removing the original voice with another narrator that the target audience can understand).

How does it work:

A company that wishes to contract a subtitling service, needs only to send us the video which needs the subtitles, it might by internet or email, so we can draw up a quote to you.
Once our quote has been accepted by you, our professional team of translators specialising in subtitling will start translating and formating the texts in accordance with the rules and techniques recommended to subtitling. We always work with translators and proofreaders together, who are native speakers for the target language.
Finally, when our professionals have included the subtitles in the original video appropriately and the translator / transcriber and proofreader have reviewed and approved the work, then we will send you the files by the mean you request or via a email.

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