A good translation into English or into Spanish should never seem like a translation.
It must be accurate, elegant and precise, as if it had been written in that language.

100% Native Translators

Our translation into English or Spanish is always done by a 100% native translator, a translator who translates into English or Spanish, his mother tongue, and who has an absolute understanding of financial terminology.

Specialized Translators

We have English and Spanish translators specialized in business, Financial Market/Forex, marketing, legal and technical subjects: technology, engineering, IT, industry, medicine, tourism, sworn translations, etc.

Proofreading Included

Each translation includes a review by a second nativeu00a0 translator to ensure that no errors are leaked. We have translation memories, glossaries and terminology databases per niche.

Translation price in Spa – Eng / Eng – Spa.

The price of a translation into English or Spanish depends on the type of document, amount of words, and urgency.
Consult prices of translation for documents, contracts, websites and sworn translations.


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